Back sometime in 2010, Roni Cooper was a casual film-goer, with a love of Marvel and Star Wars, when a fateful trip took her to see Christopher Nolan’s latest mind and time-bending work, Inception. Like a long-dormant robot being activated after years of sleep, fight scenes set in 100-ft rotating corridors and spinning totems (which may or may not fall) set off an almost chemical-like reaction in her brain, igniting a love of cinema and a need to watch as much as is humanely possible.


Since then, Roni has watched the entirety of 1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die, along with each film Empire magazine has awarded a coveted five stars, discovering a taste for slow burners, South Korean cinema and John Carpenter. Her favourite films include, in no particular order, Singin’ in the Rain, Alien, and The Thing, just a few movies deemed perfect in her eyes.


Along with her website, Roni is a contributer to pop culture website Tilt. As well as writing reviews and articles for the film section, she also covered both the 2019 and 2020 London Film Festival, which included the likes of BacurauKnives Out, Possessorand Ammonite.


When she’s not busy working through her endless list of films to watch, Roni can be found looking for more lists to complete and Funko Pops to buy. She resides with her demanding but lovable dog, Bruce, in England, where the weather is almost constantly suitable for staying inside and watching films.

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